Elinor Vere Wiltshire (née OBrien), 1918-2017

The Chairman of the Board and the Director of the National Library of Ireland have learned with great sadness of the passing of the photographer Elinor Wiltshire, and extend deepest sympathy to her nieces and nephew  Sylvia, Iseult, Charlotte and Stephen, and cousins Veronica and Orla.

Elinor Wiltshire was one of Ireland’s most distinguished photographers.  Her photographs of Irish life during the period 1955-1968 document, in particular, a changing Dublin and its people.  Amongst the best known of her photographs are those documenting the first Bloomsday celebrations in Dublin and the series of images recording a visit to Monaghan with the poet Patrick Kavanagh. 

Elinor Wiltshire’s photographic collection was purchased by the National Library of Ireland in 1994, and her photographs continue to feature in publications and exhibitions, nationally and internationally.

WWI Recruiting Poster
WWI Recruiting Poster
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