NLI Manuscripts featured in ITMA’s new PW Joyce website

The Irish Traditional Music Archive has launched a new microsite presenting the published and unpublished work on Irish music of Patrick Weston Joyce(1827–1914), at

Joyce, a native of Limerick, was one of the great collectors of Irish traditional music, as well as an educationalist, popular historian and writer on Irish placenames.

The site includes digital images of the three Joyce music manuscripts from the National Library’s collections. They are:

 - Joly MS 25, fair-copied tunes chiefly collected by Joyce on holiday in Limerick in July and August 1856, and

 - MSS 2982–2983, the sources from which Joyce intended to draw his next published collection. They contain tunes and the words of songs recollected from his childhood or collected by him in his native area in the 1840s and 1850s. Also included are extensive copyings from the manuscripts of other collectors: James Goodman especially, William Forde, John Edward Pigot, and a variety of correspondents. Many are manuscript cuttings pasted in from other sources, and are usually but not always in the hand of Joyce himself.

Further sections will be added to the microsite at intervals during the course of this Joyce centenary year of 2014.

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