Launching in 10…9…8… NLI Enters the Blogosphere

Here at Library Towers, we've been out and proud in the Social Media arena for two years now. We're on Twitter, Facebook and have not one, but two Flickr photostreams - a selection of classic photos from our collections on The Flickr Commons, and a stream that has a mix of event photos and gems from our manuscript and ephemera collections.

So the next logical step is an NLI blog, and it's been in gestation for some time now, including some painful time spent wrangling Wordpress into submission (therapy is ongoing!). We'll be launching this blog on a relatively unsuspecting world in the next couple of weeks. Informal polling of our Facebook and Twitter contingent has resulted in great suggestions and requests for once-off posts or follier-uppers, but we're greedy and we want more!

Suggestions to date include posts on:
• The work of our Conservation Department
• Information and tips on family history research
• NLI staff favourites
• New acquisitions to our Collections
• Our exhibitions and how people respond to them
• The Irish Queer Archive
• The NLI and new media
• Challenges faced by NLI
• Forgotten Irish bestsellers or Irish classics "that I pretend/wish I read"
• A regular post from our Ephemera Collection was requested with a "pretty please!"
• All manner of NLI projects "so that we may finally hear the voices of those cataloguers/archivers working in the dusty dungeons"
Not so sure about "dusty dungeons", but what's obvious is that a lot of people are really curious to be allowed peer behind the scenes at NLI, and we really hope that this is something the blog will allow. Anyone with any other great ideas or burning questions should email or tweet us @NLIreland.

Main Entrance, Kildare St.
Main Entrance, Kildare St.
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