Man, Woman and Child Project Website Launched

Man, Woman and Child was a research and performance project devised and co-ordinated by Michael Fortune and featuring traditional singers Luke Cheevers, Niamh Parsons, John and Brigid Tunney, Mick Fowler, Jerry O’Reilly, Rosie Stewart, Tim Lyons and Aileen Lambert.

The project was based on The Child Ballad Collection: a collection of traditional songs collected by the American collector Francis J Child in England and Scotland between 1882 and 1898, and was supported by the Arts Council, the Irish Traditional Music Archive and Age and Opportunity.

Here at the National Library we were also delighted to support the project through connecting the participants with our collections and by hosting a series of concerts in 2013.

Explore the website to find out more.

WWI Recruiting Poster
WWI Recruiting Poster
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