Changes to Opening Hours and Service Delivery from 3 May 2011

With increased demand and fewer staff, we are reviewing how we can best meet the needs of everyone who uses the National Library. This includes researchers, family historians, exhibition visitors and tourists, students and families, and those accessing our services remotely. Key to this is cataloguing, digitising, and making more of our collections available to researchers in person and online, which means we need to make changes in how we staff our reading rooms.  

Opening Hours

When the Library is open late, our figures show that numbers after 8pm are extremely low. Based on this information, from 3 May we will begin closing the reading rooms at 19.45 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Our opening hours for reading rooms on Kildare Street will then be:

•    Monday – Wednesday:  9.30 – 19.45 ; Thursday & Friday: 9.30 – 16.45; Saturday: 9.30 – 12.45

•    Exhibitions remain open until 16.45 on Saturdays

Reading Rooms

Since the beginning of 2011, we have been piloting fixed delivery times and advance ordering in our Manuscripts Reading Room. Based on its success, from 3 May 2011 we will be extending the pilot to our Main Reading Room.

What will this mean?

•    You will be able to pre-order books, microfilm etc before your visit. They will be ready for you when you arrive at the reading room

•    You will be able to order books, microfilm etc on the day of your research visit. These will be delivered at set times during the day

•    You will be able to reserve items that you are using for the following day

This represents a change from the current system, where books and other items are available on demand, but no pre-ordering or reserving is possible. 

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Main Entrance, Kildare St.
Main Entrance, Kildare St.
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