Margaret Clarke (1884-1961) – An Independent Spirit

Public Lecture: Margaret Clarke (1884-1961) – An Independent Spirit

Wednesday 5 July at 1pm

Speaker: Niamh MacNally, Assistant Curator, Prints & Drawings, National Gallery of Ireland.

Niamh MacNally of the National Gallery of Ireland  discusses the work of Margaret Clarke a once well-regarded member of the artistic establishment, whose reputation has faded from view. This talk is in conjunction with the exhibition Margaret Clarke: An Independent Spirit which examines the development of Margaret Clarke’s style, from her time at the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art through to her later period when she produced a number of striking works based on diverse themes.

The talk will shed light on how archival material has been successfully incorporated into this exhibition in order to give a better picture of the artist and her work.  The talk will show how archival material has enhanced the exhibition and in turn the overall visitor experience.  The archival material included in this show reveals not only aspects of the artist’s personality, but her personal and professional relationships, along with how she wished to be viewed by her contemporaries.  The incorporation of photographs from the period has enhanced our knowledge of the places she visited and was inspired by.  They also reveal how she used photographs as source material for her art.

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NLI Reference: CLON55
NLI Reference: CLON55
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