"Everlasting Voices" W. B Yeats, Poetry, Music, Passion and Politics.

"Everlasting Voices"   W. B Yeats, Poetry, Music, Passion and Politics.
Wednesday 26 June at 7.00pm

Admission : €10 (payable at the door) To book a space please e-mail: learning@nli.ie

Lecture by William Brooks, Professor of Music at York University and Emeritus Professor at the University of Illinois followed by performance by Sound-Weave: Actor Nuala Hayes and Clarinettist Paul Roe.

William Butler Yeats considered the performance of poetry to be an intrinsically aural art and explored the ‘chanting’ of poetry - alone, in chorus, and as accompanied by a “psaltery,”

Inspired by Yeats, William Brooks and Sound-Weave explore these theories in an entertaining event that includes both lecture and performance. Following the introductory talk, Sound-Weave presents Brooks’ composition, Everlasting Voices, which explores the intersection of Yeats’ ideas with his lifelong fascination with Maud Gonne, drawing from poems, plays, and letters.

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NLI Reference: CLON55
NLI Reference: CLON55
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