The Municipal Gallery Revisited by W.B.Yeats - A Meditation on the Past-Portraits

The Municipal Gallery Revisited by W.B. Yeats. A Meditation on the Past - Portraits from the Collection of the Hugh Lane Gallery

In this lecture, Dr. Margarita Cappock, Head of Collections and Deputy Director of Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane will speak on the painings from the Gallery's collections that inspired 'The Municipal Gallery Revisited' by W.B. Yeats. The poem which is included in this year's One City One Book If Ever You Go: A Map of Dublin in Poetry and Song was written  when the poet visited the gallery long after the death of its founder Sir Hugh Lane who died in 1915. Yeats reflects on the past as he looks at the portraits of dead friends and acquaintances and scenes from Ireland's fight for independence.

Wednesday,  9 April at 7pm.

All welcome  - Booking not required.

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NLI Reference: CLON55
NLI Reference: CLON55
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