International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)

The large growth in the number of serial titles world-wide and problems arising from changes in title, frequency, etc. led to the development of an international computer-based system for the identification and bibliographic control of serials/continuing resources. This is now known as the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) Network.

Irish ISSN Centre

The Irish ISSN Centre at the National Library of Ireland is one of a network of over 80 national centres worldwide.  It is responsible for assigning ISSNs, free of charge, to serials published in the Republic of Ireland.  To date, over 4,000 Irish serials, active and defunct, have been assigned ISSNs. The Centre is also responsible for contributing Irish records to the world database of ISSN numbers, known as the ISSN Register, maintained by the ISSN International Centre in Paris.

Obtaining an ISSN from the Irish ISSN Centre

If you wish to apply for an ISSN, please download and read the following documents:

To apply for an ISSN, please download and complete the application form included above,  and return it by email, post or fax to: The Irish ISSN Centre, National Library of Ireland, Kildare Street, Dublin 2. Fax: 01-6030289,

Please mark the envelope Not For Periodicals. Please enclose a sample copy of your publication if it has already appeared, or ‘mock-up’ of the proposed title page/cover/masthead if available. Please send all back issues, if not already deposited with the National Library of Ireland.

Further Information for download

Further Information for Irish ISSN Centre in the National Library of Ireland has responsibility only for the issuing of ISSNs which can only be applied to serials. ISBNs (i.e. International Standard Book Numbers) are applied to books (once-off publications, i.e. monographs) and are issued by the UK-based ISBN Agency. The above document provides details.

An example of an ISSN barcode.
An example of an ISSN barcode.
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