An increasing number of our collections are searchable online, however in some cases manual catalogues housed in the Library may still be the only means to locate material. Readers who intend to visit the Library in person should consult the Collections section for full details on all catalogues, manual and online, available for the different categories of material. Readers should also check the Accessing Material section to find out how to consult items from the collection.

Online Catalogue
This Library's Online Catalogue provides access to most material catalogued since 1990 as well as some older records which have been added as part of catalogue conversion projects.

Newspaper Database
A listing of newspaper titles held in the National Library of Ireland, including information from the Newsplan Project.

Sources Database
Sources: A National Library of Ireland database for Irish research contains over 180,000 catalogue records for Irish manuscripts, and for articles in Irish periodicals.

Manuscript Collection Lists
The Manuscript Collection Lists provide detailed listings of the contents of manuscript collections. Browse the Manuscript Collection Lists.

Digital Photographs
The Library has digitised over 33,000 glass plate negatives from the Lawrence Royal and Cabinet, Poole Whole Plate, Independent H, Clarke, Eason, Keogh, Stereo Pairs and Tempest photographic collections. These images are accessible, at a low resolution and with basic information, through the Online Catalogue.

Clonbrock Database
The Clonbrock Collection contains over 2,000 glass plates spanning the years 1860-1930. The photographers were members of the Dillon family, Barons Clonbrock, of Ahascragh, Co. Galway. Some photographs have been catalogued and digitised and are availalbe through the Online Catalogue 

Poole Database
The Poole Collection contains images taken by the family firm of AH Poole in Waterford during the period 1884-1945.  Note: Over 5,000 photographs from this collection have been digitised and are availalbe through the Online Catalogue 

NLI Reference: INDH2970
NLI Reference: INDH2970
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