The 1916 ProclamationThe 1916 Proclamation

What is Ephemera? Ephemera is 'the minor transient documents of everyday life'. It can also be described as material which is not intended to survive its immediate purpose or which exists for only a short time. However when preserved, it can provide a rich resource for understanding the social, cultural, religious and political history of a country and its people.

In 2001, after many years of being widely dispersed among other Library collections such as printed books, manuscripts and prints and drawings, items of ephemera were assembled in one location to form the basis of the National Library's Ephemera Collection.The collection contains printed items, including historical proclamations, broadsides, broadside ballads, posters, playbills, handbills, concert, theatre and souvenir programmes, memorial cards, calendars, postcards, invitations, restaurant menus, flyers and pamphlets of 8 pages or less.

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1913 Poster by Sadhbh Trínseach, EDU/1910-20/1
1913 Poster by Sadhbh Trínseach, EDU/1910-20/1
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