What we acquire

"An Fáinne Sidhe" by M. Macliammóir (PD 4036 TX2)."An Fáinne Sidhe" by M. Macliammóir (PD 4036 TX2).

The National Library’s statutory mandate to collect is set out in the National Cultural Institutions Act 1997. In summary, the Library aims to collect library materials on or relating to Ireland and to provide an accurate record of Ireland's output in manuscript, print and other media for present and future users. Additionally, the Library aims to acquire reference material to support its collections and to maintain a basic collection of reference material suitable for a National Library in a European context.

The Library’s current collecting objectives are set out in its 2009-2011 Collection Development Policy. This document, which is published online, may be downloaded from the Reports and Policy Documents section of this website.