Antrim and Ballymena Times (Antrim Times)

Place of publication: Antrim, Co. Antrim
Publication dates: 1985 -

Title History

Began as Antrim and Ballymena Times (Antrim Times) (May 1985 - Sept. 1991.)
Continued as Antrim Times and Ballymena Observer (4 Sept. 1991)
Continued as Antrim Times (11 Sept. 1991 - July 2015)
Continued as Antrim and Ballymena Times (Aug 2015 -)

National Library Holdings

Most recent copy available in Reading Room: December 2009 (Microfilm)

If microfilm or digital formats are available, the hardcopy is not issued.

Microfilm2000 - to date
Hardcopy13 May 1987 -

Newsplan Information

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Preservation Priorities: 1985 - 1995 (Priority Level 2);

HardcopyBritish Library 13 May 1987 -

North Eastern Education and Library Board June 1985 -
National Library of Ireland 13 May 1987 -
Microfilm13 June 1985 - 1986; 13 May 1987 - . British Library film. Copy (partial) at National Library of Ireland;

National Library of Ireland:2000 - to date